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You have found "Approximately True," the personal website of the fannish entity known as anoyo, pyrrhical, or Liz (depending on who you ask).

This website contains 99% fannish puttering, including slash and explicit content. If this is not up your alley, either heed the warnings very carefully, or leave now. Individual things will have individual warnings (makes sense), and if you think something exists that should have a particular warning but doesn't, please just let me know.

If none of that has sent you running for the hills, once again: welcome! This site is pretty simple to navigate. If you'd like to read my fanfiction, click the link above that reads "Fanfiction." If you'd like to read other people's fanfiction, which they have kindly allowed me to archive here, click on "Archive." If for some reason you'd like to read about me, or do something non-fanfiction-related, click on "About."

This site is still in progress, as it was hacked and literally every single file was deleted off my server. I took that to mean I ought to rewrite it entirely! (Of course.) So, in the mean time, if you really want to find all of my fic, you really only need to visit my AO3 page.

If you're here because you've heard I'm entertaining and want to read my blog posts, or talk to me, you're actually in the wrong place, sorry (and misinformed; I'm super boring). For anything personal, please visit my DreamWidth and request permission to view the content.

Finally, if you found this page because you Googled my legal name and are looking for incriminating Internet information, congratulations, you found it?

(Curious yet?)

30 Nov. 2017: Initial coding underway.